2015 has seen the release of some really stellar vaporizers. Competition among manufacturers is at an all time high, which is leading to some of the most technologically advanced vaporizers ever. Better yet, competition is also driving down prices, making it more affordable than ever to get yourself a top shelf vaporizer. Let’s take a look at some of the most highly rated and notable vaporizers that have been released in 2015 thus far.

*Note: The Crafty is omitted from this list, as it was released in late 2014.

ARIZER AIR – $259.99 (MSRP)

The name Arizer is synonymous in the vaporizer industry with quality. The company hit a home run with the Solo a few years back, which is still one of the most highly rated portable units across the board. Late last year, when Arizer announced they’d be releasing a new portable vaporizer that would hit the shelves in early 2015, fans rejoiced and eagerly awaited the arrival of the successor of the Solo. Once released in January, the Arizer Air has been met with nothing but glowing reviews.

What’s not to love? The Air is easily one of the most solidly built units we’ve ever come across. On top of quality craftsmanship, the Air gives you the option to choose between five preset temperature settings (356°-410°F) and is powered by a rechargeable/replaceable 18650 lithium-ion battery. Not to be overlooked is the Air’s stellar vapor production, which ranks right up there with other high end portables.

We found this retailer offering the Arizer Air for just $230! That’s a great deal, considering MSRP is around $260. Don’t sleep on that sweet deal.

PAX 2 – $279.99 (MSRP)

The Pax has been one of the post popular portable units since it debuted in 2012. As one of the first vaporizers to focus on fashion as much as function, the Pax quickly became the trendy, “must-have” vape. Looking to build on the huge success of the original, Ploom released an updated version, the Pax 2, earlier this year. While some thought the original would be hard to top, the ’2′ does just that. Smaller, sleeker and more powerful than its predecessor, the newest incarnation of the Pax is all that, and then some.

Let’s talk numbers. The Pax 2 comes in at 25% smaller and 10% lighter than the original, which was already highly portable to begin with. On top of being slimmed down considerably, the ’2′ also has a 30% increased battery capacity, as well a larger oven which heats herbs more evenly. Available in eye-catching colors, it’s polished anodized aluminum shell gets high marks for aesthetics.

Its $280 price tag is a bit steep, so it just depends on how much you’re willing to spend.

ALFA – $199 (MSRP)

The biggest surprise so far this year comes from the new kid on the block, Goboof, and their inaugural offering to portable vaporizer enthusiasts, the Alfa. While it seems like a lot of manufacturers these days rely on pre-release hype to build a buzz about their product, the Alfa seemingly came out of nowhere and quickly became one of most talked about and highly rated vaporizers of the year. It might not be one of the sexiest portable vaporizers in terms of looks, but what it lacks in aesthetics, it certainly makes up for in performance.

There’s a lot to love about the Afla. First, it’s super portable. It’s design and shape make it super easy to transport, fitting easily in the pocket of even your skinniest jeans. Another thing we love about the Alfa is it’s temperature control options. In addition to three preset temperature settings (374°, 410°, 428°F) selectable by way of a nifty rotary dial, the Alfa also features Smart Puff Technology. If the A/P (auto-puff) or A/T (auto-time) settings are selected, the Afla’s temperature will gradually rise based on puff count or time.

Retailing for just under $200, the Alfa is a great value. If you purchase it from this retailer, they’ll throw in a couple free gifts.


Crowdfunding seems to be becoming a very popular way for manufacturers to bring their ideas to life. The Grasshopper first appeared on IndiGogo back in 2013 with a fundraising goal of $100,000. The idea of an highly discreet, ultra-durable, efficient and affordable pen-style/portable hybrid really struck a cord with the public, and the campaign eventually closed raising over $360,000. After a couple of years in product development, the Grasshopper is finally set to be released this September.

The Grasshopper will be available in three designs: Stainless, Titanium and Color. Boasting a sleek and truly sexy design, the Grasshopper will feature precise temperature control, able to be adjusted to anywhere between 212°-410°F. It’s 30 Watt heating element will warm herbs through pure convection, designed to be highly efficient and ensure even heating. The battery is capable of three hours of continuous usage, which is a huge selling point for those looking for the perfect on-the-go vape.

The Grasshopper is currently available for pre-order on the manufacturer’s website and will begin shipping in September.

miVAPE – $259 (MSRP)

While the miVape was originally announced back in 2012, it’s spent the past few years in product development. Anticipation continued to build over the years as the manufacturer released photos of working prototypes and displayed them at various vapor expos. Just as many were beginning to write it off as nothing more than “vaporware,” Vaporfection recently announced that the miVape will hit the shelves this June. We’re super excited about the release of this unit, as it boasts 100% glass-on-glass components, a highly portable design, as well as true convection heating technology.

While many other notable portables come with a few preset temperature settings, the miVape gives you full control, allowing you to vape at any temperature between 350°-430°F. Perhaps the biggest draw of the miVape is what you’ll be drawing from it.

The combination of true convection heating and 100% quartz crystal glass components means that you’ll be getting only the purest, tastiest vapor. From the glass heating chamber, glass vapor path to the glass draw-stem, the vapor produced by the miVape touches nothing but glass during it’s entire lifespan, allowing you to enjoy the true flavor of your herbs.

The miVape is available exclusively from this trusted retailer.

EVOKE – $300 (MSRP)

Even though there’s not yet a release date for the Evoke, it looks like it will go into production this year. The Evoke started as a crowdfunded project by Loto Labs. It’s goal was to raise funds (and demand) for the world’s first portable vaporizer to utilize induction heating technology. In about 10 months, the campaign raised over $220,000 on IndieGogo.com, prompting Loto Labs to begin taking pre-orders on their revolutionary unit, which is sure to change the vaporizer game forever.

Aside from being on the cutting edge of vaporization technology, the Evoke is stunningly beautiful, bearing resemblance to a fine hand-crafted wooden pipe. This state-of-the-art vaporizer will be available with three different induction cores: one for dry herbs, one of wax concentrates and one for e-liquid. Initially, an “Executive Package” package was offered, which included all three induction cores, but it now looks like units will sell individually with different cores. However, this will probably change at some point leading up to the Evoke’s official release.

You can pre-order the Evoke through the manufacturer’s website, although there’s still no official release date.

You can pre-order the Evoke through the manufacturer’s website, although there’s still no official release date.