I recently got an Atmos Thermo W vaporizer pen for my girlfriend and I; it worked pretty well for a while. It’s a sleek, discreet wax vaporizer, but it’s made with really poor components. The thing ripped like a champ for about a month, but after some time it wouldn’t shut off after I took a hit.

Also the connection between the atomizer and the battery started melting together. This was so bad we couldn’t even get the cartridge out. After this happened I called the manufacturer and they sent me a replacement from the warranty. The replacement worked okay for a while but after a month, my oil got all over the inside of the mouthpiece and presents problems getting it on and off. It sticks to the chamber and just gets all messy. This model I washed in isopropyl alcohol so the stickiness factor was fixed but it took five days for me to heat the coil without something sparking out of it.

The atomizer seems to be made with a bunch of plastic parts and it’s not extremely durable. I managed to get good hits out of it but this is best as an “in a pinch” type of portable vape, for road trips or concerts mostly. Not ideal for long term use, but a fantastic affordable option to get you through until you can afford a more sustainable long term solution for your vaporizing needs.

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