Want to enjoy your favorite herbs, waxes or oils while traveling the globe? Whether you’re a seasoned globetrotter or making your first trip overseas, you can find great places to use your favorite portable vaporizer. Just be sure not to pack the product, or you might get pinched at customs!

Here are my 5 favorite cities in the world to take a portable vape around while you’re sightseeing.


1. Amsterdam – The Netherlands

But of course. Amsterdam is the mecca of marijuana so naturally one would feel right at home taking a massive balloon bag to the face while in one of the capital city’s many “coffeeshops.” I highly suggest taking in the sights and sounds of the Red Light District while ripping your favorite portable vaporizer.

Recommended Vape: Arizer Solo


2. Vancouver – Canada

The city by the sound is a beautiful place to enjoy your bodacious botanicals, perhaps at Van Busen Gardens or Stanley Park. Nestled snugly near the Strait of Georgia across the border from Seattle, Vancouver boasts some great boating, camping and hiking as well as the opportunity to disappear from it all in the legendary Howard Hughes suite at the Bayshore — for a cool $2500 per night, that is. Be sure to take your vaporizer pen wherever you go. The cannabis laws are pretty lax and you will make friends in a snap if you have a constant supply of wax for our recommended vaporizer pen.

Recommended Vape: Omicron 2.5


3. Venice Beach, Los Angeles – California, USA

Here you can satisfy all your medical marijuana needs: from pot doctors to headshops that carry vapes to “420 Nurses” in skimpy weed-kinis, Venice Beach is an ideal place to vape. Of course we recommend planning ahead by packing your nugs before going out because if cops see the product, they’re likely to harass you.

But not if you’re rolling with our recommended portable vape…

Recommended Vape: Puffit


4. Sydney – Australia

Cannabis is decriminalized in Australia, which means it’s technically still not legal, but basically nobody gets arrested for it if you’re not doing anything totally stupid. And Bondi Beach is a great place to mingle with the natives and enjoy some of the local flavor.

Did we mention it’s a topless beach?

Recommended Vape: Pulsar Buck Naked


5. Denver – Colorado, USA

The “Mile High City” is ideal for just that — getting miles high! Be careful when mixing your weed with alcohol, though. The thin air causes faster intoxication and definitely amplifies the effects of the herb. After all, it’s legal out there. They’ve got great shit. Sports fans like yours truly can check out a Colorado Rockies game in the summer, the Super-Bowl-bound (that’s right, they’re my pick to win it all) Denver Broncos play in the fall, or you can go see the aptly-named Nuggets play in the winter.

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